Friday, January 26, 2007

How to climb Mountains

26th Jan, its Indian and Australian Republic day, and today i was suppose to drive down to Harnai Beach for a quick *relaxation* holiday. But, things got screwed and here i am lying on my sofa sipping freshing milled-n-brewed starsbucks coffee and eating self made pasta cooked in red-wine. I know, not a very good combination but, had to manage with what was available at home :D

Hmm i have not been blogging lately, may be because my work or my high maintenance girlfriend takes most of my time. Or probably because my thoughts these days not "legal" enough to be blogged about openly :)

anyways, this entry is a modified version of a short reflection taken from book - "Like flowing River" by Paulo Coelho. It's quite relevant to the struggles of our lives, which makes it a good read ...

How to climb Mountains

Choose the mountain you want to climb -
Don't be influenced by what other ppl say: `that one's prettier or easier`. Since you are going to put a lot of time and energy, choose your own mountain.

Find out how to reach the mountain -
Often you can see the mountain in the distance - beautiful and interesting. However when you try and reach it, what happens ? Its surrounded by roads/forests. Whats looks easy on map is way too complicated ? So you must try all paths are tracks, until one day you, you find yourself before the peak you want to climb.

Learn from someone who has been there before -
However unique you may think you are, there is always someone who has had the same dream before, and who would have left signs behind that will make the climb less arduous. Your climb is your responsibility, but never forget that other people's experiences are always helpful.

Respect you body -
You will only manage to climb the mountain if your give your body care it deserves. You have all the time life gives you, so don't demand too much from your body.

Respect your soul -
Don't keep repeating `I'm going to do it`. Your soul knows this already. What it needs to do is to use this long walk in order to grow, to reach out as far as the horizon, to touch the sky. Obsession will not help you, and will end up spoiling the pleasure of the climb. On the other hand don't snap your inner strength with `It's harder that i thought`.

Be prepared to go the extra mile -
The distance to the top of the mountain is always greater than you think. There is bound be a moment when what seemed close is still very far away.

Be joyful when you reach the top -
Very Important. Cry, clap your hands, shout out loud, that you made it !! let the wind cool your hot, blow the dust on your heart. What was one day only a dream, a distant vision, is now part of your life.

You made it, and this is good.

Make a promise -
Now that you have discovered a strength you did not even know you had, tell yourself that you would use it for the rest of your days.

Tell your story -
Tell your story and be an example to others.


So, what do you say ? ready for that extra mile :-)

Friday, June 09, 2006

Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind

How happy is the blameless vestal's lot?
The world forgetting, by the world forgot.
Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind.
Each prayer accepted and each wish resigned.

-- Alexander Pope, taken from its eponymn
( Movie: Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind )

I counldn't understand the meaning properly untill i read Eloisa to Abelard

Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Towers of Hanoi

"Hanoi" - as a close friend of mine calls himself, has started a new effort called "Towers of Hanoi".

The so called one man startup has started getting some cool techie work. After much running around doing some creepy service work and making small money .. some good work has found its way to Hanoi.

Of cource .. you must be thinking why the hell am i spending time writing such stupid blog. Well just to attract those "like-minded" few.

The work includes -
1. Moving the fast growing to a OpenSSI Linux compute cluster with 4 nodes, which would be almost 10-15 times powerful than Old' Param 1000. ( work would start in June )

2. working with to research about HA clusters which can be virtualized just like VirtualFe. One very interesting objective of this work is to see if clusters can be extended/replicated beyond a normal LAN to take care of HA.

3. Working with some aquintance on "Distributed database Filesystem". This would ofcource be user space and would help the person host a online distributed storage solution with cost as low as 1$/GB. (work to start after misoconcepts)

And the best part is that he makes good money working on these. And I get free booze whenever i meet him.

cheers ... hic!!

Monday, April 10, 2006

Paradise Paradox

Me and steve discusses this over booze .. but i guess this one is still worth blogging.

Paradise: any place of complete bliss and delight and peace.

If there is indeed such a place called paradise then everybody in that place would be happy. But the meaning of happiness for me is definitely not that of Multi's or to talk of someone famous say Bill Gates. Then how can both of us be happy living together.

Also if such a way of living which could make every righteous soul happy after death .. why wouldn't they strive to achieve this when alive... why do they have to die for it :-)

So, all we can conclude is that either paradise is a hoax promised to man by God to keep him/her on right track OR its a dream or a feeling of virtual reality which is visualized or realized by each individual soul differently.

Think about it.